Our Kindergarten Rhythm

Our days and years are woven with the seasons. Through the rhythm of the  seasons and the daily and weekly routines children will develop a feeling of safety, trust and orientation through their crucial first years. In a safe environment children can flourish and build a their self-confidence. The seasons and the activities around them will give children structure, orientation, anticipation and excitement for what is coming. An example of this is our season table which will be decorated seasonally with findings from the outdoors, things children will bring from home, crafted objects and natural materials.

Eclectic Approach

At Forest Village Kindergarten we have developed a curriculum based on taking the best aspects of different educational approaches to create a unique and personalized experience for our little ones. With our eclectic approach we believe we have created the ideal learning environment to stimulate and support every child in our care. We incorporate the rhythmic seasonal aspect of Waldorf Education with the practical life skills and self-directed learning of Montessori . We are  firm believers of Respectful Parenting and follow the non-punitive and no-rewards aspect of Aware Parenting. And of course our Forest school approach connects children with nature by spending time outdoors as much as possible.


Healthy Eating

At Forest Village Kindergarten we believe nutritious healthy meals are essential to thrive. We provide simple but wholesome homemade meals. We use fresh and local organic fruit and vegetables. Our pasta and rice is whole grain, we don’t use refined sugar and cook low salt meals. We bake our own bread with the children. We don’t use any canned or ready-made foods.

Forest School

Forest School is a type of outdoor education which facilitates the holistic development of the learner through play, risk-taking and nature connection.

At Forest Village Kindergarten children are most of their time in great outdoors. We start the day with our morning nature walk in the Merton Recreation Ground and explore and observe the changes in seasons. Morden Recreation Ground is the largest areas of green within the St. Heiler Estate in LB Merton. It was built between 1929-36 on 334 hectares of former farmland. It is largely grass with some shrub planting, and has perimeter and scattered trees, including a line of oak along the central path. We have a spacious private fenced up garden which used to be the bowling green where we spend most of our time. Activities in the outdoor can range from creating mud pies, treasure hunts, water play, mini beast exploration, experimenting with science, dressing up and creative role play to reading stories, mark making and mathematics in the forest. We are always on the move, balancing, running, climbing, coordinating and are always learning more about our world.

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